Latest One Piece chapters - A brief summary
Chapter 752: Oh man we'll finally get to see Law's past next chapter!!!
Chapter 753: Lol nope
Chapter 754: Lol nope
Chapter 755: Lol nope
Chapter 756: Lol nope
Chapter 757: Lol nope
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togashi is that you



Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search


i feel like if cp9 ever came back and they had to team up with luffy they’d be so done even faster than law 
//EDIT: luffy and kaku’s interaction was inspired by maldoror_gw’s fic up on the peak, which is a really great fic about what would have happened if kaku joined the crew instead of franky. it’s also zoroxkaku but it’s faint if ur not into that. i completely forgot to source it yesterday i am the world’s biggest dickwad

Skill Hunter: Bandit’s Secret


One Piece 17th Anniversary: 4 - Tears

There are many types of tears in One Piece: happy tears, silly tears, snotty tears, funny tears, … But the ones which make you bawl your eyes out are exactly the heartbreaking tears. One Piece isn’t just about Luffy being impressed with crazy things and the rest of the characters making funny faces. One Piece is full of FEELS!! Show me Ace or Merry and I’m gone! But that’s what the series makes more awesome - you’re spiritually so connected to the characters that it all seems so real. FEELS ARE REAL IN THIS ONE!