Made a double sided keychain with my favorite pokemon


Latest One Piece chapters - A brief summary
Chapter 752: Oh man we'll finally get to see Law's past next chapter!!!
Chapter 753: Lol nope
Chapter 754: Lol nope
Chapter 755: Lol nope
Chapter 756: Lol nope
Chapter 757: Lol nope
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togashi is that you



Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search


i feel like if cp9 ever came back and they had to team up with luffy they’d be so done even faster than law 
//EDIT: luffy and kaku’s interaction was inspired by maldoror_gw’s fic up on the peak, which is a really great fic about what would have happened if kaku joined the crew instead of franky. it’s also zoroxkaku but it’s faint if ur not into that. i completely forgot to source it yesterday i am the world’s biggest dickwad

Skill Hunter: Bandit’s Secret